einheit, kameraderie und stärkung
haben das verführungspotential der sirenengesänge und sind wie diese, wenn mann ihnen nachgibt verschlingend, tödlich

chris hedges
jean ferrat

the globalization of militarization
is not new. What is new is
the global reach of these business, cultural, and military ideas and processes
the capacity of promoters of globalizing militarism to wield lethal power
the fact that so many private civilian companies are now involved in this globalization of militarization
the intricacy of the international alliances among the players

globalization & militarism, feminist make the link, by cynthia enloe, second edition, 2016, p.23.

us military bases about 800 over the world
By my calculation, maintaining bases and troops overseas cost $85 to $100 billion in fiscal year 2014; the total with bases and troops in warzones is $160 to $200 billion.These costs have heightened debate over whether the United States needs so many bases abroad: What effect do they have around the world, and are they really making us safer?

base nation: how u.s. military bases abroad harm america and the world, by david vine, 2015.