the big failure of patriarchy

if there is one picture that summarizes the big failure of a much too long lasting patriarchy it’s the picture of this child, carrying the burden of the failure of a culture of war, who is raping women, children and nature, who is humiliating men, instrumentalizing and reducing them to killer-and sex machines.
that is the picture of the phallocratic state of a deadly and destructive patriachy, ruled by a few oldandodd fellows, stags and pimps and assisted by a few token and hijacked women. it’s time for a radical change, where no child, no son, no daughter has to carry all the shit&garbage patriarchy produces.
where beautiful countries don’t have to become dumpinggrounds for a shortminded crazy overproduction of material goods and weapons. where children and the youngsters don’t have to become addicts, in order to survive the system.
it’s time for a takeover where ever you are, what ever you do. we the elder, we the so called adults have to respond to this degradation of life in all her manifestations. it’s time.

kleinwaffen und kindersoldaten